We are pleased to announce the official launch of MAS4 : the new cover crops and forage mixtures portfolio MAS SeedsĀ®. This new portfolio has been developed for France and Italy in 23-24 and was presented at the Press conference organized in Haut-Mauco on September 20. On this occasion, we showed to journalists our multi-species portfolio field demo in Haut-Mauco, at the headquarters. šŸŒ±

Haut-Mauco (40), Wednesday, September 20, 2023

In order to support its distributor and farmer clients in transitioning to sustainable agriculture, the seed company MAS SeedsĀ®, specializing in maize and sunflower, is launching its new MAS4 range in France. It consists of cover crops, forage blends, and specialized mixtures. MAS SeedsĀ® aims to provide a distinctive and innovative offering to support its new strategy.

Act Together For a Changing Agriculture

For several years, the agricultural world has been grappling with significant climate and environmental challenges, including water resource management, various climate stresses, health pressures, and forage stock management, all of which have led to the need for a different approach to production.

Without changes in practices, we will no longer be able to produce tomorrow what we produce today. In 2023, MAS SeedsĀ® France has redefined its strategy around our purpose, ‘Working together for transitioning agriculture,’ ” said Erwan BOUGOƜIN, Commercial Director of MAS SeedsĀ® France.

The company aims to support its clients in these practice changes through various strategies:

  • Optimizing Yields: Achieving higher and more resilient yields through top-performing genetics, such as GREEN+ for forage maize, WATERLOCK for grain maize, and HelioSMART for sunflowers.
  • Securing Yields: Ensuring yield protection through seed protection products like AGROSTARTĀ® for both maize and sunflowers.
  • Enhancing Crop Management: Utilizing innovative agro-services, including optimizing planting dates for maize and sunflowers with MAS START and determining the harvest date for forage maize using NUTRIPLUSĀ®SAT.
  • Soil Protection and Carbon Storage: Protecting and enhancing soil quality while improving carbon storage through the use of cover crops.
  • Seeking Food Autonomy: Pursuing food self-sufficiency by producing on-farm proteins using forage mixtures and soybeans.

MAS SeedsĀ® is committed to helping its clients adapt to these changes in agricultural practices.

The new MAS4 range

The new MAS4 range of cover crops, forage mixtures, and specialized blends is composed of four segments to meet various needs:

  • MAS4 COVER: Cover crop mixtures for agronomic purposes.
  • MAS4 NUTRI: Forage mixtures rich in legumes to supplement animal diets.
  • MAS4 ENERGY: Mixtures for biogas production.
  • MAS4 EXPERT: Blends tailored to the specific requirements of beekeepers and grape growers.

We have been developing this new offering for the past 3 years to provide agronomic solutions to farmers. We have relied on our expertise and technical collaborations with our customers,” explained Julien CONSTANCEAU, Marketing Manager at MAS SeedsĀ® France.

To support the launch of its new range, MAS SeedsĀ® has doubled its production capacity, invested in a dedicated research and development department, assembled a specialized sales team, and formed strategic partnerships.

We are expanding our offerings to include diversified crops, which is one of the best actions to meet the challenge of agroecology with our farmers. This is why we have expanded our production site in Italy to offer a wider range of cover crops and mixtures. We are also continuing our research to provide maize and sunflower seeds that are more resistant to water stress and disease pressure,” emphasized Pierre FLYE SAINTE MARIE, General Manager of MAS SeedsĀ®.

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