NUTRIPLUS® Observatory – Regional harvest forecast for silage

Inform your farmers in just one clic !

With NUTRIPLUS® Observatory, agronomists can easily and rapidly inform and communicate to their farmers or technicians about the silage forecast harvest dates in their region.

Two out of three farmers do not harvest at the
right stage.

Optimize harvest date and improve silo quality

Harvesting the silage maize at the right stage is the key objective for dairy farmers. It’s the guarantee to harvest the best feed value and to have a good conservation in the silo. 

Two out of three farmers do not harvest at the right stage which represents 50 to 250€/ha losses.

Monitor silage farmers on the optimal harvest date

The NUTRIPLUS® Observatory service provides to a dealer a way to evaluate his farmers situation on his territory and inform them about harvest:

  • Better understand: View a variety of indicators for silage maize growers in your region (location, weather, sowing date, maturity group) and anticipate harvest date
  • Better communicate: Communicate easily and rapidly to your technicians and farmers on harvest forecast dates

How does it work?

The NUTRIPLUS® Observatory delivers a harvest window forecast per maturity group depending on the selected sowing window in a given region. The report combines following information representing a region in a table: 

  • Locations
  • Varieties from different maturities
  • Sowing periods

The summary of comparative data makes it possible to identify the real state of harvest maturity in a region, at a glance.

How can I benefit from NUTRIPLUS® Observatory Service?


Satellite image technology combined with our agronomic knowledge is our NUTRIPLUS® SAT service to observe and anticipate the percentage of dry matter evolution of your field and optimise harvest date.


In-field plant analysis with NUTRIPLUS® Harvest service is conducted by a MAS Seeds® expert to forecast the best harvest window for your silage maize field. The analysis is done directly on your maize plant with infrared technology.


Silo analysis with NUTRIPLUS® Silo conducted by a MAS Seeds® expert directly at your farm after opening your silo. An expert identifies losses using our application and gives recommendations about how to improve your silo in the next season.