Innovative and sustainable seed portfolio for cereal and cattle growers.

With 75 years of experience in the seed business, we create and produce high-quality seeds, offer seed applied solutions and agronomic services. Our goal is to safeguard farmer income and ensure food security for today and tomorrow, while promoting sustainable agriculture.

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MAS4 Mixture Portfolio consist of cover, forage and energy seed mixtures and is divided into 4 segments: COVER, NUTRI, EXPERT and ENERGY. Each segment offers a product portfolio adapted to different needs, country, region and regulation.

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Breeding innovations for a sustainable farming

We create genetic innovations for our maize, sunflower and rapeseed varieties to help farmers to improve their production and to face an increasingly difficult climatic and economic environment.

GREEN+ silage maize varieties secure silage quality under climate change, thanks to their genetic ability to delay the evolution of dry matter in leaves and stems and thus extend the period of photosynthesis.

HELIOSMART varieties have the highest genetic tolerance to three main sunflower diseases: Mildew, Sclerotinia and Verticillium, and thus secures the yield.

NORUST sunflower varieties secures the harvest by its highest genetic tolerance against black rust.

SAFETY+ winter oilseed rape hybrids safeguards the yield in cold climates with better early vigour and strong development before winter.

AGROPLUS® services for better decision making in field crop management

MAS START – Sowing alert

MAS START service helps farmers to decide their sowing dates by sending personalized pre-sowing and sowing alerts. It is based on agronomic knowledge and agro-weather indicators for the variety on farmer’s field.

AGROPLUS® Report – Agronomic Field Report

AGROPLUS® Report consist of a complete analysis of your field with cultural advices in order to optimise your crop operations and reach the yield potential of the MAS Seeds® varieties. The reports
are created by MAS Seeds® technician and sent to farmers by email 3 times in the vegetation.

NUTRIPLUS® services for dairy farms to increase nutrition efficiency

We team up with farmers to develop agricultural services to contribute to optimising crop yields, enhancing resilience to environmental challenges, and ultimately ensuring sustainable agricultural practices. Our service portfolio includes tools, agronomic expertise and personalised consulting.


Satellite image technology combined with our agronomic knowledge is our NUTRIPLUS® SAT service to observe and anticipate the percentage of dry matter evolution of your field and optimise harvest date.


In-field plant analysis with NUTRIPLUS® Harvest service is conducted by a MAS Seeds® expert to forecast the best harvest window for your silage maize field. The analysis is done directly on your maize plant with infrared technology.

NUTRIPLUS® Observatory

Regional report with NUTRIPLUS® Observatory is provided by distributors to inform their local farmers about the regional harvest date forecast based on estimated dry matter content in the silage maize fields.


Silo analysis with NUTRIPLUS® Silo conducted by a MAS Seeds® expert directly at your farm after opening your silo. An expert identifies losses using our application and gives recommendations about how to improve your silo in the next season.

NUTRIPLUS®SAT Satellite Harvest Forecast

Advanced Satellite Technology for Precise Silage Harvest

Harvest at the right date the silage maize is the key objective for dairy farmers. It’s the guarantee to harvest the best feed value and to have a good conservation on the silo.