NUTRIPLUS® Sat – Satellite harvest forecast for silage

High quality silo by satellite precision  

NUTRIPLUS® Sat service is the association of satellite image technology and MAS Seeds® agronomic knowledges to optimize harvest and silo quality.

Monitor Harvest date to optimize silage quality

Harvesting the silage maize at the right stage is the key objective for dairy farmers. It’s the guarantee to harvest the best feed value and to have a good conservation in the silo. NUTRIPLUS® Sat service is based on real-time satellite image technology as well as MAS Seeds® agronomic knowledge to follow and anticipate dry matter evolution in your silage maize fields. The service provides an insight of the dry matter field heterogeneity and a forecast of the optimum harvest period (32-35% dry matter) to help you optimize harvesting and silo quality. This service is ideal for dairy farmers who want to improve forage autonomy and increase their nutrition efficiency.

Two out of three farmers do not harvest at the
right stage.

The advantages of satellite technology

The advanced satellite technology answers to theses issues with the following characteristics:

  • Real-time imagery
  • High Frequency, new updated image is available every 5-15 days
  • High-resolution imagery

*Customer harvest forecast exemple

How does it work ?

Personalised analysis

Using real-time satellite images, an algorithm calculates the dry matter content of your field on the current date.

It also gives a forecast of the dry matter evolution over 2 to 15 days, with field heterogeneity and the dry matter distribution.

Satellites provide new images every 5 – 10 days. With every new image a new field report is generated and is automatically sent to your mail address.

Personalised reports with silage harvest advice

NUTRIPLUS® Sat Service provide regular customer reports as of 25% dry matter content of the field until harvest following these characteristics:

Check the dry matter content map of your field for the current date to be informed.

Using dry matter forecast maps anticipate the silage maize maturity evolution.

Prepare your harvest based on the best harvest period recommendation.

Personalized recommendations for your field and harvest allows you to optimize your harvest quality.

How can I benefit from NUTRIPLUS® Sat Service?

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