MAS4 COVER – Agroecologic Cover Crops

MAS4 COVER portfolio includes a range of cover and intercrops. A cover crop is a non-cash crop grown primarily for the purpose of “protecting or improving” soils between two regular crop production. Cover crops can also be used in intercropping system, meaning it can be grown together with a cash crop at the same time on the same field. In this growing system it is essential to use synergetic crops.

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Cover crops offer numerous advantages, including improved soil health, weed suppression, nutrient management, pest control, biodiversity enhancement, water quality protection, climate resilience, crop rotation support, pollinator habitat, reduced soil compaction, economic returns, erosion control, and sustainable land management. These benefits contribute to more resilient and sustainable agricultural practices.

Cover crops are composed of 4 main botanic families:

Vetches, clovers, faba bean, lentils or alfalfa for perennial cover, fix nitrogen in the soil.

Ryegrass, rye, oat or sorghum for biomass or catch the nitrogen and produce carbon.

Mustards or radishes helps structure the soil and makes bio-fumigation effect.

Other species, mostly phacelia improves the biodiversity and pollination.

The benefits of cover crops

  • Improving soil structure
  • Improving soil quality, and carbon balance
  • Increasing nutrient and organic matter supply
  • Reducing soil erosion rate and nitrate leaching
  • Helping weed, pest and disease control

About MAS4 Mixtures

In 2023 we have launched a new seed mixture portfolio under the brand MAS4 to answer the evolving needs of a changing agriculture. MAS4 Mixture Portfolio is divided into 4 segments: COVER, NUTRI, EXPERT and ENERGY.