MAS4 ENERGY – Biogas mixtures

MAS4 ENERGY portfolio consist of seed mixtures specially designed for sustainable energy production in biogas plants. Depending on the cultivation period the mixtures contain sorghum, sunflowers, clovers or cereals that are highly productive in biomass production.

Discover MAS4 ENERGY Product Portfolio

Find the right biogas mixture for your crop rotation.


Biogas mixtures that are grown in summer require crops that resist better drought and heat while producing high biomass. Summer mixtures can be sown late spring up until early August which gives a great flexibility. Crops like sorghum or sunflowers in the summer mixtures increase drought tolerance. Legumes in the summer mixture protect better the soil even after soil and improves soil fertility.


Mixtures for winter growing can be sown early September up until autumn. We include quick growing winter cereals especially triticale with very high biogas and methane production for winter biogas mixtures.

The benefits of producing energy from crops

  • Sustainable energy generation, energy autonomy
  • Enhanced biodiversity, climate resilience and reduced pest pressure
  • Efficient land use
  • Increased biomass yield
  • Improved soil health

About MAS4 Mixtures

In 2023 we have launched a new seed mixture portfolio under the brand MAS4 to answer the evolving needs of a changing agriculture. MAS4 Mixture Portfolio is divided into 4 segments: COVER, NUTRI, EXPERT and ENERGY.