NUTRIPLUS® silage services for dairy farmers

The NUTRIPLUS® services helps dairy farmers increase forage nutritional efficiency.

  • Silage maize varieties: Offering a complete range of high-quality varieties segmented by their silage quality type with specific tolerance traits.
  • Alfalfa varieties: We offer a range of different varieties that deliver strong agronomic performance and quality in different dormancy classes.
  • Complimentary forage crops: A new generation of hybrid seeds to supplement your forage crops, such as silage sorghum, fodder beet and specific ray grass complete the NUTRIPLUS® portfolio. 
  • MAS4 Nutri Portfolio consists of fodder mixtures for different cultivation practices or uses that compliments perfectly silage maize.

Maximising Your Dairy Feed with Elite Genetics

Expert Services and Personalised Tools

Our crop production experts run field trials to provide personalised recommendations to assist you in optimising the nutritional performance of your dairy feed and fodder mixtures. Four components of research and development and crop production, go into the following services: 


Satellite image technology combined with our agronomic knowledge is our NUTRIPLUS® SAT service to observe and anticipate the percentage of dry matter evolution of your field and optimise harvest date.


In-field plant analysis with NUTRIPLUS® Harvest service is conducted by a MAS Seeds expert to forecast the best harvest window for your silage maize field. The analysis is done directly on your maize plant with infrared precision.

NUTRIPLUS® Observatory

Regional report with NUTRIPLUS® Observatory is provided by distributors to inform their local farmers about the regional harvest date forecast based on estimated dry matter content in the silage maize fields.


Silo analysis with NUTRIPLUS® Silo conducted by a MAS Seeds expert directly at your farm after opening your silo. An expert identifies losses using our dedicated app and gives recommendations about how to improve your next silo.