SAFETY+ Oilseed Rape Hybrids

Global warming, drought, heat make sowing conditions increasingly difficult and uncertain for OSR. This has 2 main consequences:

  • Later sowing in September results in difficult emergence,
  • Difficult growth at early stages which is leading to a more sensitive OSR to autumn insects, especially Flea Bettle

As Europe is reducing and even stopping certain active insecticidal molecules, genetics becomes the 1st lever to mitigate the impacts on the yield. Indeed the SAFETY+ portfolio proposes varieties with combined characteristics that have most effect on thus mitigation.

MAS Seeds developed the SAFETY+ oilseed rape portfolio to give growers peace of mind from seed to harvest. SAFETY+ seed varieties were selected for their vigour and strong establishment. Quick to fill in, these varieties out compete weeds and have the ability to withstand pest pressure. SAFETY+ genetic innovations give :

  • Better early vigor until 4 leaves stage,
  • Strong development before winter,
  • Higher tolerance to autumn insects.

Breeding criteria

In the SAFETY+ breeding program, winter oilseed rape breeders focus on three key criteria to boost crop resilience. This genetic approach reduces the impact of autumn insects on yield and minimizes insecticide use, aiming to promote sustainable and productive agriculture.

Better early vigor until 4 leaves stage

+5% of plants at 4 leaves stage*

Quick development to pass the insect sensitive stage as quickly as possible (before 4 leaves stage).

Strong development before winter

+10 to 20% of biomass volume before winter*

High biomass production before winter to avoid loss of plants even infected by Flea Beattle

Higher tolerance to autumn insects

Less infected plants leads to less loss of plants per hectar

SAFETY+ Hybrids have the best tolerance to autumn insects available on the market.

*Source R&D MAS Seeds 2018 – 2021

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