The choice of alfalfa seeds is a very important decision for farmers as it is cultivated for long term hay production between 3 to 5 years. Over the past 5 years, alfalfa seed production has been regularly impacted by climate disruption (droughts, irregular and important rainfalls at harvest) regularly leading to seed shortages for certain varieties.

In this context it is a challenge to ensure the exact varietal composition of the product for all customers. Our priority is to deliver high performant products whatever their varietal compositions. To answer this challenge, MAS Seeds® has selected a pool of high performing varieties.

MAS ALFA portfolio consists of pure varieties in all available dormancy segments. Product name indicates its dormancy group.

Example: MAS ALFA 4 = dormancy 4.

MAS ALFA DUO portfolio is built by combining 2 varieties to create dormancy groups and therefore create a symbiosis effect that secures the yield and enhances reliability of the production. Product names indicate in which dormancy areas it is suitable.

Example: MAS ALFA DUO 4 = dormancy 4 regions.

MAS ALFA QUATTRO portfolio includes the most complex and resilient products as it is built by combining 4 varieties in compatible dormancy groups.

The research consists of a meticulous evaluation and selection of alfalfa varieties based on the individual performances (yield, protein content) and agronomic characteristics such as vigor after sowing, winter hardiness, start of growth after winter. The ability of
varieties to combine in the field in associations to maximize and stabilize production is carefully tested. MAS Seeds® has therefore set up an alfalfa R&D network in several countries (Romania, Russia, Spain and Italy). The main objective is to evaluate and select
the best alfalfa varieties.

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