This guide is your go-to resource for soybean farming, offering essential tips on sowing, weed control, inoculation, and harvesting. we aim to enhance your soybean yield through proven cultivation techniques. Dive in to discover the keys to a successful soybean crop.


In Europe soybean sowing should be done in spring when the soil temperatures reaches 10°C followed by a consistent increase in soil temperature. Ideal sowing depth is 3-4 cm, whereas it should be adapted for early sowing in colder soils at 2 cm.
Distance between the rows:

  • 18 – 30 cm for 000 maturity groups
  • 18 – 50 cm for 00 maturitiy groups
  • 25 – 60 cm for 0 and II

Weed control

The ideal way to control weeds is through crop rotation and tillage, as explained below:

  • Favour long and diversified rotations, with alternating winter crops and spring crops to hinder weed cycles.
  • In the event of major difficulties linked to grasses (ryegrass, foxtails, crabgrass), plow every 3 to 4 years to reduce the seed stock and limit crop emergence rates.
  • In rotation with maize, soy is an opportunity to manage annual and perennial grasses (quack grass, Aleppo sorghum) via foliar herbicides.


Inoculating soybean seeds with Bradyrhizobium bacteria is essential for enabling the plants to form root nodules, which are instrumental in the nitrogen fixation process. This natural mechanism allows soybeans to convert atmospheric nitrogen into a usable form, thereby promoting healthier growth and reducing the reliance on chemical fertilizers. This not only leads to a more robust crop yield but also contributes to enhancing soil fertility over time, making it an invaluable practice for sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation.


In European conditions the harvest occur during September – October. The indicators that the field is ready to harvest are:

  • The plant lost its leaves, the stem is dry and yellow
  • The grains can easily be removed from the pods. When you press the pods, the
    cracking sound can be heard
  • The grains are hard and difficult to press with the finger nails.

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