MAS4 NUTRI – Fodder crop mixtures

MAS4 NUTRI portfolio consist of fodder mixtures for different cultivation practices or uses. They are designed to help provide a varied fodder diet further improving daily animal intake and weight gain or milk yield for most livestock. Fodder crops are highly versatile and allow producers to fill the gaps in standard grass based feeding programs where there may otherwise be a drop in production.

Discover MAS4 NUTRI Product Portfolio

Find the right cover crop mixture for your crop rotation.


It is possible to grow fodder crops after the harvest of the main crop to ensure the fodder stock. However, it is important select right species in this period. MAS Seeds offers a ready-to-use mixture perfectly designed for summer sowing: MAS4 NUTRI SORGHO VIGNA. Sorghum is drought resistant and it will secure fodder production. To improve the protein content, Sorghum is associated with a tropical bean.


Sowing catch crops in autumn is a practice widely used in France. The objective is to produce fodder in high quantity and rich in quality. Thus MAS Seeds offers 4 different mixtures for different uses.


The sowing date of an immature cereal or a meslin is an important step. Indeed, depending on this choice, the proportions and varieties will be the keys to success in optimizing yield and harvest date. To meet this expectation MAS Seeds offers 3 cereal mixtures adapted to different sowing date

The benefits of farm grown fodder

  • Protein autonomy from unsustainable feed sources.
  • Optimise feeding ratio of fibres and protein, fill the gaps in standard feeding programs.
  • Manage economic and climatic risks and improve dairy farm sustainability.
  • Ensure complementarity with other fodder crops like silage maize on the farm.
  • Rotations to ensure profitability

About MAS4 Mixtures

In 2023 we have launched a new seed mixture portfolio under the brand MAS4 to answer the evolving needs of a changing agriculture. MAS4 Mixture Portfolio is divided into 4 segments: COVER, NUTRI, EXPERT and ENERGY.