AGROSTART®+ MYCO Alfalfa seed applied solution

AGROSTART® and AGROSTART®+ MYCO  are the complete seed applied solution to get your alfalfa crop off the best possible start. With an innovative formula that use MAS Seeds®’ biostimulant as the foundation, AGROSTART® adds mycorhization to boost the crop all along the vegetation:

  • AGROSTART® offers inoculation and micro-nutrition to insure the best establishment and higher yield
  • AGROSTART®+ MYCO  offers Glomus intraradices fungi to insure a better regularity over time and space thanks to a better nutrients absorption, especially phosphorus

How it works:

The symbiosis between Glomus intraradices and alfalfa benefits for both of the species:

  • Alfalfa provides food and shelter for the fungus which ensure its survival and growth.
  • Fungus shares its roots which greatly enhances the alfalfa’s ability to absorb nutrients, especially phosphorus and water. 

The mycorhyze increases phosphore intake about +300%*

*Source : Jansa et al. 2008 New Phytologist

2 formulations

Source: MAS Seeds® & Cerience R&D data, trials conducted on 4 locations (France, Spain, Poland, Romania)

Benefits for farmers

AGROSTART®+ MYCO with MYCORHIZATION enhances the nutrients absorption ability of alfalfa and brings therefore following benefits:

  • Better stress resistance (salt, drought, cold)
  • Higher and more stable yield over 4 years of cultivation
  • Better fodder quality, higher protein content
  • Better vigour and growth

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