NUTRIPLUS® Silo – Silage Diagnostic

Increase the nutritional efficiency of silage maize

With NUTRIPLUS® Silo, MAS Seeds® experts make a complete diagnosis of your maize silage after opening your silo. It is a real-time decision-making tool to improve practices in silo management.

50 to 250€/ha losses because of bad silo management

Optimise my silo quality

A good silo management can significantly reduce your losses. Optimization can be done at 2 main steps :

  • Harvest date : Harvesting the silage maize at the right stage is the key objective for dairy farmers. It’s the guarantee to harvest the best feed value and to have a good conservation in the silo. 
  • Compaction when making silo : Practices for maize silage have changed over the last few years – harvesters and equipment are more efficient and silos can be filled much faster now. As a result, silos can be less compacted leading to dry matter and quality losses.


A 200 tons dry matter silo that can feed one hundred cows for 5-6 months

% DM losses in the silo (*)5 %10 %20 %
Losses in €1 000 €2 000 €4 000 €
(*) linked to compaction, progress speed, harvest date, cutting

Source: MAS dairy farm network

How does it work?

Your local MAS Seeds® representative validates your service subscription and visits your silo once opened. The diagnostic is done in 2 steps. In the first step, MAS Seeds® expert collects various data, conducts analysis and makes calculations based on your silo data. In the second step a fully customised silo report is created upon which you can better understand the quality value of your silo and how you can improve the next season.

1. Seamless data collection


Visual observation of the grain cracking quality and presence of mold on the front of the silo allows to see the first quality indicators.


Measurment of the temperature, and compaction, sampling in several places across the silo helps to acquire deeper analysis.


Feed value analysis completed right at your silo thanks to data entered in AgriNIR™*


Personalized recommendations given along with a printed report focused on how to improve the quality of your forage and adapt your livestock’s diet.

*AgriNIR™* is a portable Near Infrared analyzer for forages which measures moisture, starch, crude protein and many other nutrients, in just seconds.

2. Customized silo report for decision taking

  • Conservation quality
  • Feed value
  • Silo losses
  • Advices on the next silage maize variety decision
  • Harvest time and compaction method
  • Silo management

How can I benefit from NUTRIPLUS® Silo Service?

Watch our expert explaining NUTRIPLUS® Silo Service

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