The seed branch of Maïsadour® Group was created in 1949, few years after the creation of farmers co-operative in 1936 in south-west of France. The ambition was strong: create, produce and supply high-quality maize hybrids to a fast expanding French market. For 75 years, this adventure has continued with great success. MAS Seeds® varieties have gradually been cultivated all over France and Europe, and now also in Asia, Americas and Africa. Yet we stay loyal to our founding values ​​and our close relationship with the farmers. Farmers who are not only our customers but also our cooperative members. This motivates our teams every day to develop solutions to increase farms’ sustainability and profitability while optimizing crop yield & quality.

Nowadays, MAS Seeds® has become an international seed company with activities not only in maize but also sunflower, oilseed rape and alfalfa and many others. With these new challenging ambitions, a total re-branding was done in 2018 with a new name and a new face, still attached to its history but better suited to the international platform and corresponding to our diverse business activities. 

In 2023, our purpose Act Together for a Changing Agriculture becomes the news baseline of our brand to highlight our ambition to contributing to the agroecological transition to the maximum degree possible, as we are convinced it is the right way to go.