Our Mission

We are dedicated to provide an innovative and sustainable seed portfolio for cereal and cattle growers. Since 1949, we team up with farmers to respond to agricultural challenges and contribute to the changing agriculture that will feed the future generations. We develop and produce high performing corn and sunflower varieties, and provide a diversified crop portfolio, seed applied solutions and digital services that contributes to sustainable agriculture.

Our Purpose

Agriculture, today as we know it, is changing… towards a better one that will not degrade our natural resources and compromise future generation’s food production. At MAS Seeds this principle is in the core of everything we do. Our purpose is to “ACT TOGETHER FOR A CHANGING AGRICULTURE”.

We work together with our teams, our customers and our partners for an agroecological transition to increase production efficiency, to substitute inputs and we participate to redesigning an agricultural model that is more sustainable for future generations. Introducing a wide range of crops into the crop rotation to fully benefit from biodiversity is great way of doing it. To tackle the biggest agricultural challenge, the water scarcity, we work with our tropical genetic to improve drought tolerance and provide agronomic expertise to ensure crop production. Reducing chemical inputs requires a combination of various measures such as adapting crops in the rotation or use of genetic tolerance to diseases. Not only we have solutions today for each, but we also continue investing to deliver more measures in the future. 

Climate change and environmental degradation are an existential threat to all of us, on every continent. At the same time consumers are asking for a more sustainable approach to agriculture. This translates into a lower use of crop protection products, and fertilisers, and more attention to soil quality and biodiversity. Furthermore the EU Green Deal is aiming to overcome the challenge of climate change and make our food systems more sustainable using set of policy initiatives. We at MAS Seeds® ACT TOGETHER FOR A CHANGING AGRICULTURE and we are convinced that contributing to this transition is the way forward. MAS Seeds® proposes various agro-ecological solutions, an innovative diversified seed portfolio, genetic innovations for changing climate, seed applied solutions, agro-services that support the EU policies to face 4 key challenges:


Adapted cultural practices can help reach a positive carbon balance, protect soil life and increase soil fertility,


Producing protein locally and qualitative forage on farm is an important part of food sovereignty and agroecology.


Growing crops in water scarcity requires adapted farming systems enhanced by genetic tolerance.


Landscape design with pollinators and using genetic tolerance is an efficient measure to reduce chemical inputs.

Meet the new MAS4 Seed Mixtures

We have recently launched a new seed mixture portfolio under the brand MAS4 to answer the evolving needs of a changing agriculture.

MAS4 Mixture Portfolio consist of cover, forage and energy seed mixtures and is divided into 4 segments: COVER, NUTRI, EXPERT and ENERGY. Each segment offers a product portfolio adapted to different needs, country, region and regulation.