WATERLOCK Grain Maize Hybrids

Grain maize hybrids from the MAS Seeds® portfolio that have a superior ability to thrive under drought stress are labelled WATERLOCK.
Rigorously tested, WATERLOCK varieties have shown resilience in situations of short term or longer term drought stress. That means you can feel confident choosing WATERLOCK maize hybrids in all-weather scenarios as a way to manage risk on your farm.

Drought stress: A major threat

  • Rainfall data insights by AGROTEMPO®: 60% of Europe’s maize is at risk of drought, highlighting the urgent need for resilient crops.
  • Challenges in central and eastern Europe: With limited rainfall, these regions face significant drought risks, necessitating drought-resistant maize like WATERLOCK.
  • Unpredictability in western and northern Europe: Changing weather patterns increase the importance of drought-tolerant varieties in traditionally predictable climates.
  • Unexpected droughts: Even in areas usually rich in water, droughts are more frequent, emphasising the need for innovative solutions like WATERLOCK.

Source : AGROTEMPO® by MAS Seeds® est une application mobile permettant de faciliter et de personnaliser l’accompagnement des cultures entre l’agriculteur et le technicien de MAS Seeds®. Il s’agit d’une solution digitale pour vous aider à anticiper, suivre et optimiser votre culture de maïs du semis à la récolte.

Enhanced yield and reliability

  • Outperforms others in dry conditions: WATERLOCK hybrids, consistently yield more than other leading market hybrids, especially in dry weather.
  • Proven results for farmers: On average, farmers using WATERLOCK can expect an additional 3.3 tons per hectare over a 10-year period compared to other hybrids.
  • Reliable profits regardless of weather: With WATERLOCK, farmers can enjoy more stable earnings, thanks to its ability to perform well in various weather conditions.

Source : Réseau de recherche et développement WATERLOCK®

Make The Best Out Of Each Drop

Maize hybrids that are offering a superior ability to thrive under drought stress conditions are labelled WATERLOCK.

Breeding criteria

Helping farmers to adapt to a changing climate through the development of drought-proof and high nutrient hybrids
With WATERLOCK, plants have better capacity to return to a normal activity after a drought stress period thanks to IMPROVED PHYSIOLOGICAL RESILIENCE.

Early flowering

During flowering stage maize plants are highly sensitive to drought stress. Speed up the flowering time permits to take advantage of water resources available in spring and avoid summer heat waves.

Secure pollination

Timely synchronization between silks emergence and pollen shed is critical to ensure proper pollination and kernel number on ear.

Strong root system

Strong and deep root system to explore the soil is essential to improve water uptake by the plant and to delay drought stress damages.

Leaf establishment

Efficient establishment and maintenance of leaf area, even under drought stress, is a priority to maximize photosynthesis activity.

75 years experience in seeds

  • Historically, our breeding structure was based in France and Germany to provide varieties well adapted to oceanic climate.
  • In 2000, we began our commercial deployment in more continental climate areas in Central and Eastern Europe. Furthermore, Western Europe started experiencing more severe and frequent droughts, with high temperature peaks. All this led our breeding program to start selecting new hybrids with better drought tolerance.
  • Today, MAS Seeds® maize hybrids that are offering a superior ability to thrive under drought stress conditions are labelled WATERLOCK.

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