With an understanding of the main crop development stages of winter oilseed rape it becomes easier to judge crop performance and make informed management decisions. 

Stage 1 : Germination and Emergence

  • Sow between 2-4 cm deep depending on the moisture conditions of the year. 
  • Aim to seed when there will be good soil moisture to facilitate germination.
  • Use a precision single-seed drill for better emergence quality Autumn.

Targets for oilseed rape sucess :

  • Fast, even germination – target to have the field at the 8-leaf stage before it enters the vegetative rest stage.  
  • Good tap root development – ideally 10 to 15 cm long.  
  • Field plant density is 25 to 35 plants/m2.  
  • Rosette stage flattened to the ground before the beginning of winter. 
  • In the spring, evaluate winter survival – WOSR has a high capacity to fill in available space.

Stage 2 : Autumn Growth

  • You want plants to reach the 4-leaves stage as quickly as possible to limit the impact of autumn pests.
  • Target for the plant to reach at least the 8-leaves stage before entering vegetative rest. 
  • Control the risk of elongation. 
  • Monitor fields for possible risk of nitrogen deficiency.

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Stage 3 : Flowering

  • Flowering lasts between 3 and 7 weeks depending on the weather conditions of the year.
  • This is the period the crop is susceptible to Sclerotinia infection.
  • Pod set and the number of pods is determined in this period. 

Stage 4 : Maturation

  • Following flower, pod filling seed development begins. (thousand kernel weight) 
  • Oil content is determined up to 60 days after the start of flowering. 
  • Harvest begins at a standard moisture of 9%.  

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