Meet Our Teams

At MAS Seeds®, our sucess is driven by the dedication, passion, and expertise of our diverse team of professionals. We team up with farmers, distributors and partners to adress agricultural challenges, to contribute to a sustainable agriculture that will secure farmers’ production and revenue while preserving planet and resources for future generations.

We offer a variety of professions. Let’s get to know the people behind the scenes who are committed to Act Together for A Changing Agriculture:

Research & Development

R&D applies modern breeding methodologies and combines them with field trials to create hybrids, develop crop portfolios and agroecological solutions.

  • Breeding and product development
  • Trialing
  • Research technology and data science
  • Applied and quantitative genetics
  • Agroecology studies

Seed Production

Our operational teams are responsible for producing high-quality seeds from planning to the customers doorstep.

  • Seed production 
  • Industrial manufacturing 
  • Supply Chain 
  • Quality control

Sales & Marketing

At MAS Seeds®, we have a unique approach where logistics and customer service are cohesively managed, resulting in a better customer care.​
We provide a special customer care with close field support and innovative 

  • Sales and customer support
  • Product marketing
  • Agro-digital solutions
  • Communication

Administrative roles

Administrative roles play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and efficient operations by providing specialised services that help manage and optimise human resources, financial resources, and maintain high standards of quality, health, and safety.

  • Finance and control
  • Human Resources
  • QHS

Colin Guillaume, Diversification and Agroecology Product Development Head

This new position at MAS Seeds® leads the activities to test and develop products for cover crops, forage mixtures as well as various other crops and design agro-ecological solutions like relay cropping that promote biodiversity and sustainable agricultural, ensuring crop resilience.

Camille Henry, Sunflower Product Development Head

The Product Development Head leads research and development activities to innovate and improve hybrid varieties, focusing on enhancing yield, disease resistance, and adaptability to various climates and soils.

Mihaela Patrascoiu, Sunflower Breeding Program Lead

A breeder at MAS Seeds® creates new varieties that are more productive, resistant to pests and diseases, and adapted to different environmental conditions, through the careful selection and crossing of plants.

The Supply Chain team is in charge of the entire journey of seeds from production and procurement through to distribution and delivery to customers, ensuring efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and timely availability of products.

Olivier Philippe

Logistic and Customer Service

Jerome Darrecamp


Simone Wrocklage

Export Customer Service Assistant

Logistic & Customer Service Team

A portfolio manager builds a bridge between R&D and the markets and is in charge of the full range of hybrids of a crops product, innovation, customer needs, market trends to optimise sales and profitability.

Gabriel Magaddino

Sunflower Portfolio Manager

Matthieu Chaix

Early Grain Maize Portfolio Manager

François Boche

Silage Maize Portfolio Manager

The sales department at MAS Seeds® oversees promoting and selling our seed portfolio, seed applied solutions and agro-services to cereals and cattle growers, ensuring customer satisfaction and meeting sales goals to drive the company’s revenue and growth.

Gerardo Loeza
Sales Manager Mexico
(video in Mexican)

Bruno Grand
Late maize and sunflower market Lead France
(video in French)

Songalo Ouattara
Market Manager ECOWAS
(video in French)

Ingomar Widhalm
Market Manager ALA
(video in German)

Théo Desclaux
Sales Representative in France
(video in French)

Goran Vujkov
Market Manager Balkan
(video in Serbian)