MAS START – Sowing alerts for maize and sunflower

Sow as soon as possible, as late as necessary.

MAS Seeds®, through the service MAS START, helps farmers in making sowing time decision with a peace of mind to insure them a good emergence. Sow as soon as possible, as late as necessary.

Sowing in optimal conditions contributes to 60% of the crop yield !

Insure emergence and optimise yield

An early sowing, if the conditions are favourable, contributes to yield optimisation thanks to:

  • longer crop cycle,
  • fast and homogeneous emergence,
  • lower water stress during flowering.

In average, an early sowing increases grain maize yield by 6 t/ha.

How does it work ?

A personalised service

Thanks to our agronomic knowledge of seeds and our agro-weather expertise, we monitor fields during the sowing period to advise the best personalised sowing window.

When sowing conditions become favourable, the farmer receives an SMS and an email with sowing alerts:

  1. Pre-start alert : Alert within the 10 days prior to the 1st favourable sowing window: «Sowing conditions will be soon favourable»
  2. Start alert : Alert at the beginning of the favourable sowing windows: “Start sowing today”

An emergence insurance

If sowing is realised in the 7 days after the start alert and emergence losses** are observed, MAS Seeds® offer free seeds for resowing:

  • Available only in selected countries for maize and sunflower seeds
  • Emergence losses: maize > 20%; sunflower > 30%

How can I benefit from MAS START Service?

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