HR Vision

We establish a safe environment for all employees.

To support that objective, we reinforce our communication on that topic to all employees, we train our teams to safety visits, safety briefs and we deploy our standards and best practices in all our subsidiaries.

People Development

We develop employees for a performance culture.

We organize internal training programs for supporting our teams in their development. We develop HR tools for supporting the managers in the development of the performance culture and we want to improve our compensation & benefits policy to attract and keep people on board.

Diversity & Inclusion

We improve the company diversity and inclusiveness.

We deploy an on-boarding process for new comers in the company. We enlarge our sourcing in recruitment in offering trainees positions in MAS Seeds®. We implement initiatives for boosting diversity as a key success factor of the performance. We propose English courses for supporting internal talents promotion.

Stakeholder Partnership

We aim to become a company committed to virtuous partnership.

We build partnerships with privileged agricultural schools,universities and we develop funding initiatives for supporting our development. We reinforce our collaboration with staff representatives in various countries. Our training plan is governed and deployed as a key success factor for MAS Seeds®.

Act Together For A Changing Agriculture

Agriculture, today as we know it, is changing… towards a better one that will not degrade our natural resources and compromise future generation’s food production. At MAS Seeds® this principle is in the core of everything we do. Our purpose is to “ACT TOGETHER FOR A CHANGING AGRICULTURE”.

Our recruitement values

At MAS Seeds®, we believe that successful recruitment is built upon a foundation of three core values: Transparency, Diversity, Onboarding. These values guide every aspect of our job board, ensuring that both employers and job seekers have a seamless and enriching experience.


Before launching a recruitment, we exclusively establish a job description clearly defining the key roles and responsabilities that we expect in the position.


Our recruitment policy aims to promote diversity within our teams because we are convinced that it makes a company rich.


We believe that the first weeks at a new job are crucial  therefore we provide an onboarding program to ensure a smooth transition for new employees and help them to integrate seamlessly into their roles.