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Our quality seed production

Our quality seed production

Our innovative seed treatment and our quality management system guarantee production and providing of the highest-quality seeds

Producing high quality seeds to express their genetic potential

MAS Seeds owns 3 main production areas, each with a seed producer network, a manufacturing factory and a quality laboratory for a production capacity of over 25 000 ha, mostly corn, sunflower, oilseed rapes, forages, cereals and beets,

  • South-West of France,
  • Saragosse, Spain,
  • Dnipro region in Ukrain

Each seed production factory follows ESTA standards and a very strict quality management procedure. We recently expanded our production zone to Russia and work with complementary production partners in Turkey, Italy and Hungary to diversify our origins and secure production. Base seed, experimental seed and out of season production networks in Africa and America complete this expansion. A department is dedicated to research in production and in seed protection allows us to constantly improve our seeds quality and integrate the latest innovations for our clients. Developped by our experts, AGROSTART is MAS Seeds solution for corn seed protection, allowing the optimal implantation and beginning for any season.



factories in Europe

Each with a quality control and high-tech process


production countries

Each following the same quality steps



working for production fields, processing, providing and seed production research



specialised in seed multiplication



dedicated to corn, oilseed rape, sunflower, forrage seeds, cereals, beets

3 mio

bags of seed

produced in 2017-2018


Research Service

in treating seed and in technological seed production


Production project

of seeds in Africa