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Our crops

Our crops

MAS Seeds offers a wide range of seeds adapted to all kinds of fields.



Select the variety of corn that you wish to cultivate from our catalog. Focused towards the waxy and organic markets, our corn seeds garanty maximum yielding for all types of activity. Silage corn seeds creates the best conditions for stocking in silo. Depending on your needs; you may choose the corn variety based on maturity, from very early to very late.
The sollicited energy type used for harvesting (biogas, grain, moist corn...) is accompanied by an agricultural profil. It mainly concerns the stem's quality, stress tolerance and dryness. Of course, we put at your disposal several corn grain varieties like dent, flint or vitreous corn. For dairy activities, you can turn to hybrid corn. From balanced to fast types, this range can answer all you animal nutritionnal needs all the while preserving the rate of protein contained in the milk.



Whatever the size of your activity, our sunflower seeds adapt to all cropping conditions. From herbicide to mildew resistance, sunflower varieties from our catalog work with both oleic and linoleic oil. Flowering and reaping precociousness declines from late to very early.

We also expanded our classic sunflower seeds, with a new range aimed towards the organic market. For optimal growing conditions, our varieties catalog is also composed of hybrid ranges whose biostimulant actions improve growth while preserving their nutritionnal qualities. Furthermore, the surface between root and plant is more homogeneous. Thanks to these specific treatments, your sunflower seeds are also protected against mushroom proliferation (fungicide properties) and insects with repulsif actions. On the long term, the plants development shows an increase of 2-7% in yielding for the entire harvest.

Oilseed rape


To be able to get a sustainable agricultural activity in best conditions, our oilseed rape variety catalog offers a wide selection of seeds. Shield, Sienna, Loki, Simona or Miranda, make your choice depending on the precociousness of the wanted flowering and harvest. Oilseed rape seeds distinguish themselves by the amount of oil they hold, their field adaptability during sowing and their resistance to environmental aggressions.

To be able to obtain nutritionnal green fodder for your breeding, you may turn to fodder oilseed rape seeds. With a fast growth rate, the plant is solid and has very good productivity. No matter the size of your parcel, our oilseed rape seed offers excellent quality to exploit their potential. Including a disease tolerance (Phoma, Orobanche...), they adapt to all types of climatic conditions and aren't affected by frost, like the Shield variety. Your harvest yieldings are therefore stable, regular and of the highest quality.