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MAS Seeds Waterlock Corn Hybrids

WATERLOCK grain corn hybrids

with improved draught tolerance

MAS Seeds response to the challenge of climate change

We at MAS Seeds have 70 years experience in seed business. Historically, our breeding facilities were based in France and Germany  to provide varieties well adapted to oceanic climates.

Since 2000, our commercial deployment in central and eastern Europe combined with more severe and frequent droughts with high temperature peaks in Western Europe  have led our breeding programs to select new hybrids with improved drought tolerance.

Today, corn hybrids from MAS Seeds portfolio that are offering a superior ability to thrive under drought stress are labeled WATERLOCK.


MAS Seeds breeding criterias for WATERLOCK hybrids

  • Early flowering

During flowering stage corn plant are highly sensitive to drought stress. Speed up the flowering time permits to take advantage of water ressources available in spring and avoid summer heat waves



  • Leaf area index establishment and upkeep

Efficient establishement and maintenance of leaf area, even under drought stress, is a priority to maximize photosynthesis activity



  • Synchronisation of male and female flowering

Timely synchronisation between silks emergence and pollen shed are critical to ensure proper pollination and kernel number on ear



  • Strong root system

Strong and deep root system to explore the soil is essential to improve  water uptake by the plant and to delay drought stress damages



In situations where corn plants have to face short or long time period of drought stress, WATERLOCK corn hybrids have demonstrated their superiority. They bring security to the farmer, and a guarantee of profitability in all weather scenarios.


WATERLOCK : corn hybrids to get the best from each drop!


To learn more about WATERLOCK, watch our Waterlock Webserie :


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