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Here you can discover all MAS Seeds News. You will find further events, future field trials, new varieties review, our sales representatives'videos and of course everything that is happening on our social media with the MAS Seeds social wall.

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MAS Seeds and NSIP long-term research partnership

Press Release. Mont de Marsan, France / Ithaca, NY, USA

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MAS Seeds works on ensuring seed supply despite COVID-19

We take all measures necessary to make sure our seeds make their ways to our customers, as this is the guarantee of next year feed and food supply.

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Social Wall

MAS Seeds recherche des :
Caristes, H/F

🕑 fin août – décembre

Lieu : Usine de Haut-Mauco (40)
Pour plus d'infor… https://t.co/OuPs4At7Y5

@MASSeeds twitter

🔊 Vous recherchez un job pour l'été ? MAS Seeds recrute des Saisonniers Champs H/F !

🕑Période de travail Juillet/… https://t.co/mOqDPLIvXW

@MASSeeds twitter

Remember #Agrotempo, our digital solution to help farmers manage their crops?🌱
Discover the details of the service,… https://t.co/aQAnzHRvA0

@MASSeeds twitter

Winter Oilseed Rape (#WOSR) is flowering all over #Europe. 🌼
Here are our top varieties : MIRANDA, SIMONA and IMAN… https://t.co/BOPh5wopsQ

@MASSeeds twitter

It's #BiodiversityDay 🍀🌿🌱

We provide more than 300 different mixtures, we are sure there is the right one just for… https://t.co/iThHunY0AJ

@MASSeeds twitter