We are committed to implement a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy that is 100% aligned with our company purpose. From our seeds and services to our work environment and social commitments, at MAS Seeds, we value sustainable growth highly.

Maïsadour and MAS Seeds® is certified for sustainability commitments and actions.

The certification is given based on criteria such as agricultural practices, production methods or quality of work environment. This labelling is based on the only recognised international standard for sustainable development: ISO 26 000. Maïsadour is the first Agricultural Cooperative in France to have established its own reference system in order to implement this certification in all its subsidiaries. The cooperative continues to work on its actions for sustainability with the objective to achieve «exemplary» level within 3 years.

FNOR Certification attests having assessed the contribution to sustainable development according to ISO 26000 within GROUPE COOPERATIF MAISADOUR.

We have defined 4 major ambitions in line with our company purpose and they lead all our initiatives and support our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment.

  • Our researchers select robust, diversified crops adapted to climate variations, that secure the production and income of farmers, while preserving the environment.​
  • MAS Seeds® creates values for the regions and ensures the company’s sustainable growth by managing its resources, investments and operations in a sustainable manner.​
  • We promote inclusivity and diversity within our teams, ensuring safety for all and offering training programs for employee development.​
  • We develop regenerative agriculture practices in collaboration with farmers and local stakeholders. These initiatives, combined with methods promoting energy efficiency in our factories, support sustainable seed production.​

Act Together For A Changing Agriculture

Discover what our company purpose means for us and how it is closely linked to our Corporate Social Responsibility commitments.